All undergraduate students must take one Basic Academic Writing (ACWR 101) course and one Writing in the Disciplines (ACWR 10X) course in order to complete their course load at Koç University.

Students must pass their basic academic course before enrolling in a discipline specific one. All courses are 3 credits.

Although students are not required to take ACWR 101 in their first semester, they are highly recommended to do so, and continue with an ACWR 10X course in the second semester.


ACWR 101: Basic Academic Writing
All undergraduate students must take ACWR 101 (preferably in their first semester).
The course uses a content-based approach to initiate first-year students into the conventions of academic language and discourse. Students are expected to improve their writing skills through drafting and editing, and eventually to develop their independent individual academic voice.

ACWR 10X: Writing in the Disciplines
Upon successful completion of ACWR 101, students are required to take an ACWR 10X course designed for their specific disciplines. While building on the academic skills introduced in the Basic Academic Writing courses, these courses present more advanced reading, writing, and analysis tasks to be able to respond to the specific needs and requirements of the faculties.