Advice on Writing. Bilkent University Writing Center.

City University of New York  

Writing Resources

Germanna Community College

Handouts for English and Writing, ESL, etc. Also see handouts and example under “Writing Center”

Harvard University

Writing Resources

Montclair University

Rubric for academic writing/essays pertaining to Ph.D. students’ work.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Resources including Writing and Teaching Writing, Research, Grammar and Mechanics, Style Guides, ESL, and Job Search and Professional Writing.

Resources to Fall in Love with Academic Writing


APA format / style.  Capitalization, Citations, Factors and Variables, Misc., Numbers, References

University of Leicester

Writing Resources

UNT Writing Center


Active vs. Passive Voice, Agreement. APA Style, Basic Formats–Brochure, Basic Formats–Letter, Basic Formats–Memo, Chicago Manual of Style, College Writing–Formulating an Arguable Thesis, College Writing–Supporting Your Thesis, College Writing–Writing the Conclusion, Commas, Document Design, Freshman Composition: English 1310 and 1320, Getting Started: Facing the Blank Page, Grammar–Parts of Speech, Grammar–Modifiers, Literary Analysis, MLA Style, Nouns–Countable and Uncountable, Parallel Structure, Personal Statements, Proofreading Like a Pro, Proposals, Punctuation, Quotations, Research Basics, Science Writing, Technical Writing Style, Usage: Common Errors