We provide writing support for the following types of writing within all disciplines:

  • Response and term papers for your classes
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Motivation letters and statements of purpose
  • Abstracts and papers for conferences
  • Publications
  • Cover letters

Information For Personal Statements

The Writing Center is dedicated to working with students on personal statements and cover letters as an element of preparing applications for jobs, internships, study programs, and studying abroad. The Writing Center carries out its sessions by asking questions and engaging in discussions about argument, organization, use of examples, clarity of expression, and focusing on the targeted audience. Such a dialogic approach is effective for working on personal statements and cover letters because it facilitates consideration of such matters in a manner that is not specific to any particular discipline. However, the Writing Center does not work with students on résumés or CVs independently, as their length and format vary widely from field to field. We work on them only in relation to your statement of purpose or cover letter.


We also work with small groups of students engaged in collaborative writing projects. However, we ask all group members to be present to discuss the piece as a whole. If you have written a particular section of a group project, we can work with you on a one-on-one basis to discuss your writing.