English 500 is a pass/fail graduate writing course in flipped format that all Koç University graduate students must take in order to receive their degrees. In addition to graduate courses offered by students’ programs that teach them what to write in their academic fields, ENGL 500 provides the students with both the knowledge and the practice on how to write academically in English. Consequently, the main goal of this course is to support the work graduate students are doing in their programs and to help them develop and edit their own writing through skills that will serve them a lifetime. Students have one semester to fulfill the requirements of the course.


A flipped classroom is a learning environment that replaces traditional classroom teaching environments lead by instructors and transfers the initiative and motivation of learning to the student. Instead of attending lectures, students will watch short lecture videos posted on Blackboard and have at least two writing consultations in the Writing Center.

ENGL 500 prioritizes active learning, utilizes educational technologies, and provides opportunities of one-on-one consultation and hands-on feedback for students’ papers.

Please see the syllabus for details about course requirements and grading.