About the Academic Writing  Program

The Academic Writing Program is part of Koç University’s Core Program and familiarizes students with the conventions of contemporary oral, written, and computer-based communication, establishing and supporting the skills required to participate in academic and professional discourse.

The mission of the Academic Writing Program at Koç University is to improve students’ confidence and ability to communicate effectively, especially in academic, text-based writing:

  • Promote independent learning, critical reading and thinking, and creativity
  • Foster adherence to high ethical standards and social responsibility
  • Provide opportunities for students to read, discuss, and write about texts recognized for their intellectual or humanistic value


  • is essential for professional and academic success
  • is an indicator of thinking and analytical skills
  • earns respect and creates a good impression
  • structures and clarifies your ideas
  • improves the effectiveness of both written and oral speech
  • promotes and reinforces higher-level thinking and learning
  • is your presence in the online community